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London Art Fair 2014

  • The London Art Fair is always great for spotting some great Modern British Art, and some good pics by contemporay artists are nestled away in there as well. In no particular order here's my Top 10 pics from the show! 


    No.1 - I never knew Wiilhelmima Barns-Graham did pics with spots - displayed by Art First and for sale at £15,000, it's only 17.6cm x 25cm.




    No.2 - A nice abstract by Sally Temple, show by Beardsmore Gallery - £2200.



    No.3 - A lovely Patrick Heron gouache - shown by Alan Wheatley Art - one of my faves, sorry for the reflection in the pic!





    No.4 - A nice Keith Vaughan - Austin/Desmond Fine Art




    No. 5 - Interesting R B Kitai with drawing and collage - Austin /Desmond Fine Art




    No. 6 - Two Callum Innes, interestingly done in pastel - Crane Kalman Gallery





    No. 7 - A lovely Michael Buhler - only when I saw it on the computer did I realise it was a swimming pool! - Jonathan Clark & Co - £24,000





    No.8 - A great Patrick Heron oil, interestingly I noticed he's painted it on a raw sienna ground. 






    No.9 - An intriguiing Roger Hilton with los of Braque overtones - Waterhouse & Dodd - £27,500







    No. 10 - A great Clyde Hopkins, shown by Advanced Graphics London - £1,430



    Review by Robert Dunt - Artist and Founder of