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David Hockney Painting and Photography - Annely Juda Fine Art


    These pictures are decidely odd. Some of the strangest are the ones where there are huge amounts of chairs in what seems to be an imaginary room, like the picture below. And the picture of the card players below is also odd. But they are also really intriguing and the more you look the more interesting they become. They seem to be like Hockney's earlier photo collage pictures, but this time instead of the viewer being able to see the edge of each photo, now each photo that makes up the picture seems to have been photoshopped smoothly to the next image. So if you look at the card players their hands and shoes and jeans are all in focus.


    This makes for very intriguing looking - and you begin to really search and examine each picture to see what is going on. What's odd is that the pcitures seem normal to look at, but they also don't and that's why they are continually fascinting.


    Robert Dunt, Founder -