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Blur - Hyde Park

  • Blur in Hyde Park was like a giant sing-a-long. Everybody singing away to the songs until you couldn't really hear the band. Blur were really trying and the whole thing was like an event. The songs from the new album, in particular Go Out and Lonesome street sounded cracking live with a swagger and looseness that's missing from the new album, much of which I've found quite hard to listen to, despite getting rave reviews. But it does get better the more you listen - and it's a lot better to listen to since the gig.


    The gig was lots of fun with Girls and Boys and Parklife and a good Coffee and TV. The highlight was a cracking version of Beetlebum, very heartfelt with Damon really putting his all into it and with all the people aound you singing along as well it was quite special.


    Robert Dunt, Founder -