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David Hall - End Piece...

  • It's a bit like being in Alien or the Matrix, to suddenly find yourself surrouded by this sea of crackling white noise TVs with cables lunging down into their innards from the ceiling - this is the best installation I've seen in a long while and it's only on for one more day (22 April) so if you can catch it!


    I didn't expect to find this at all. I was checking out Ambika P3 the venue for The Other Art Fair which I'm in and stumbled on this stunning exhibition. (By the way its on from 10 - 13 May) As soon as you walk in there's this sea of TVs in a giant kind of warehouse and this crazy white noise sound to drive you mad - and I guess the sound could as all the people looking after the show had earplugs.




    I think there is probably meant to be something about the end of analogue TV to do with the show but frankly I couldn't care less, why should you need a reason to fill a room with TVs, you shouldn't - it's art in itself as it blows you away and changes your perceptions.


    There are a couple of other rooms, one which is a far more traditional video kind of installation which I thought was a bit boring with someone on one of the tellys constantly saying "interruption" - but then the other room is really cool. You walk in and you can see yourself on the TVs there and you see yourself as you walk down the room - and you think OK, so I'm on these TVs. But then as you walk out somehow the TVs seems to still show you walking in - it's difficult to describe but when your're there bizarrely disorientating.



    It's a great installation with the TVs, really monumental, and so much more as it was the last thing I was expecting to find - it lives up to everything an installation should be - something that not just changes the space it's in but your physical and mind space as well - I just wish I'd reviewed it earlier so I could have got more people to go.


    Review by Robert Dunt, Practising Artist and Founder and CEO of -


    David Hall - End Piece... - 16 March - 22 April 2012 - Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LS