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Philip Haas, The Four Seasons - Dulwich Picture Gallery

  • This summer, the Dulwich Picure Gallery is exhibiting a set of four large-scale statues by Philip Haas. Each one represents a season and is inspired by Guiseppe Arcimboldo's renaissance paintings in which fruit, vegetables and plants combined to form a human portrait.



    Exhibited in the Gallery's grounds there's a real impact when you first see these 15ft sculptures and everyone from young children to cynical art critics would excitedly rush towards them. Since the installation isn't cordoned off you can get close enough to see the detail that was required to turn Arcimboldo's portraits into these giant 3 dimensional structures, each one working beautifully from all angles.



    Arcimboldo's original paintings.


    Hosting this modern re-imagining of 16th century art at Dulwich Picture Gallery with it's old masters collection, Philip Haas commented that he was uncertain whether the sculptures should "climb back inside the museum.. or flee!". Their current location means that they'll almost certainly be this summer's most photographed exhibits at the gallery.



    Philip Haas with the sculptures.


    The Four Seasons installation will be displayed at the Dulwich Picture Gallery from June 20 until September 16.


    Review by Inderjit Gill