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  • 101st Affordable Art Fair


    June 12-15


    All about information overload... So here are my ArtTop10 impressions of the show!:

    Chris Wood

    Light and glass, science and art

    Susila Bailey-Bond

    Clear plastic tubes that abstract the image almost like circular pixels

    Daan Oude Elferink

    The gallery director Atmo O. Ronen, standing in front of his favourate photograph entitled ¨Melted¨ by Daan Oude Elferink. Abandoned buildings in decay: a story of the past overtaken by the processes of nature, from a ghostlike perspective.


    Marc Quinn 

    The iris as signifying identity as scientifically as DNA, the macro micro representation of the world, the black void representing the mystery of life and therefore the artwork is entitled the ´eye of history´.




    Kit Boyd

    A photograph of the talented printmaker Kit Boyd standing in front of his work, who expresses a vision of an interconnected landscape glowing with energy and life.

    Fantastic burlesque life drawing! Visitors to the Private View were provided with paper, pencils and inspiration!


    Damien Hirst

    Woodcuts with spots of colour made with laser cut cherrywood and entitled with names signifying the chemical composition of the colours. 

    Amy Eisenfeld Genser

    Intricate landscapes that visually unite the biological and the aerial perspective. 



    John Maxwell Steele

    Charming little abstract landscapes in the Cornish Landscape Style. 



    Dee Stanford

    A homage to the start of the 1WW with a sculpture entitled ¨Evolution¨, consisting of a globe covered with fighting soldiers in various outfits from throughout time.