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Whyred SS14 by Julia Linn

  • Sven "X-et" Leonard Erixson (November 23, 1899 - May 17, 1970), was a Swedish painter and sculptor. 

    Abstract paintings with a lot of expressions that can take your fantasy away with no limits, has always captured my attention. The painting above by the Swedish artist Sven X:et Erixson is one of those that drag me into a journey of discovery, a discovery of colors from the whole rainbow scale and a story with no end. The shapes in the painting creates a depth with a touch of sadness but the colors which are in a perfect harmony express a warm emotion.



    The artist with his temperamental and energetic style has created several fascinating paintings with an admiring storytelling. But this one is highlighted for the moment because it has just turned into a print and is for the moment expressed in other lively shapes.




    The Swedish fashion brand Whyred has just released their SS14 collection during the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Stockholm. This was the time when the painting turned into new art pieces with different forms and surfaces.



    The Designer behind the idea and creating is Sven Erixson`s grandson Roland Hjort which is also the founder of  the fashion brand, Whyred.



    The brand is now turning 15 years and they celebrate it with a tribute to Sven X:et Erixson. The first idea was to end the fashion show with a colorful and energetic finish but the request of the designs turned in to be a lot, which is not a surprise. Therefore the brand decided to create more designs with the extraordinary print but only in a limited edition. 



    By: Julia Linn


    Photo : Whyred


    Information: Whyred and X:et museum