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Jesus in Fire

  • Posted 16 June 2014
    Category: Art - Prints

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Jesus in Fire

Lorraine Fossi

Edition of 20

Framed £40 - if you would like to buy the framed version of the print please contact us.

Unframed £20

12cm x 8cm

Digital work from a painting

Prints on high quality glossy photo paper

framed between 2 sheets of Perspex

Jesus’ on Fire, Lorraine Fossi. 2014

Digital manipulation, 20 ed prints, 7 x 5 inch on glossy photo paper.



The work remembers what has once been seen or felt or thought.


I am a painter. I grew up into a family of architects and studied architecture. 

In my practice, drawings and architectural notations describe and predict things I want to build: abstract concepts to be materialised. I paint to create a space within which I can move between control, accident and discovery. In the process of assembling and making work, I continually remodel a relationship between the parts and the whole, fragments and a sense of vastness.


I work in series. I often feel, once a painting is achieved,that I am not entirely finished with it. Leaving the absorbing painting activity, pausing the work for a day or a few years, the painting starts to look and feel like things I have known or done, places I have been to… With these echoes, I find myself pulling and manipulating, as if in a theatre of memory and experience from my life. 

How did I create Jesus’ on Fire…What really happened?

It was at first a T shape that I identified within Ponte Vecchio painting, an abstract Sea painting I made in 2011. Since then, Ponte Vecchio induced 3 new oil paintings and the print Jesus’s on fire. A first cropping manipulation was at the origin of  ‘Brother & Sister’, a diptych painting made in 2012, the year after my parents died. Since then, I went on to identify the architect T tool and  Christian Crosses shapes in my own work. And that is how Sister became Brother, then Jesus’s on fire. 

A Click. A single daydream like click on the neon button in Picasa and I saw Jesus’s on fire, the hope and the fear, the anger and the fear, and the beauty of showing it out.

Lorraine Fossi - Painter and Former Architect - Lives and works in London 


Born in Paris, 14 May 1964



French Baccalaureate, Ecole Alsacienne, Paris

Architecture, graduated in 1989, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris


MA research student 

City & Guilds Art School, Kennington, London 

Predicted graduation Sept 2015


Solo exhibitions

12 May 2014 to present: Sea painting immersion, Mermaid Centre, London

15-21 April 2013: Royal Iris an Incredible Journey, Mayfair, London

19-30 May 2010: Rip Tide & Blue Ripples, Burgh House, Hampstead


Group exhibitions

04-08 June 2014: Print Jam 2014, Art Bermondsey, London

10-17 May 2014: A little experiment, Posk Gallery, London 

15-18 February 2012: Parallax Art Fair: Chelsea Town Hall, London

10 November 2011: Shooting Star, Chase, Royal College of Art, London

15-22 September 2011:L’Equipement des Arts, West End, London

16-30 June 2011: Dazed and Refused, London

16-19 June 2011: AIM, London

20-30 May 2011: Artspool, Oxford



Summers 1982-85:Resident Guide,La Tourette Convent (designed by Le Corbusier)



October 2010: NOAC, The national open art competition: Shortlisted

May 2014: The little experiment competition, Posk gallery, shortlisted

June 2014: Print Jam 2014, shortlisted 


Media references

April 2013: Interview with Tom Mallow, Cultural Review

14 March 2013: Royal Iris inspires artist’s new show, Liverpool Echo

April 2013: Royal Iris- An incredible Journey, Ici Londres

Dec 2011: Water Visions & Sea abstraction, Artist book

April-May 2011: Peindre: une affaire de vocation, L’Echo Magazine

13 May 2010: The tide turns for former architect, A. Oldham, Ham & High